Missing Paperwork With Your Shipment

Released 5/15/2016 by ImicroTek

When a customer’s logic board / motherboard arrives here for an FPC connector replacement, it is usually delivered with a bundle of shipments ranging from 5 to 25 packages daily.  Once we unpack each shipment, it’s packaging material is kept together with it’s contents and put into the repair Que. Once it’s in the repair que, it is considered for service in order in which it was unpacked. Once it’s time to start service on a customer’s motherboard, we look at the information that is included with the shipment. These are the details that you were advised to include with your shipment (RA# / Ebay ID, Date & Name). If there is more than one FPC connector that needs to be replaced, that important information should also be listed clearly on your paperwork (as we advised in your confirmation email). If a customer sends in an Ipad mini logic board still installed in the base (without screen) then we take the buyer’s details and verify that the additional payment has been made for that particular service.

Basically ANY important information needs to be clearly stated in your paperwork. If it’s not, that may delay your repair. Why? Because if we stumble upon another issue with your board we then have to look up any communication history regarding your service. The motherboards that arrive with all important information included are processed first. The less information that the customer includes with his/her motherboard, the more likely it’s going to delay your repair.

Many times, a logic board / motherboard will arrive here and unpacked with the rest of the shipments for that day and we find that there is NO information included with the shipment. These packages are put in their own group and processed LAST. They are processed last because a considerable amount of time is needed to track down who these packages belong to and what service(s) they requested. Many times the return shipping address on the package does NOT match the address listed in the purchase receipt and or Ebay or PayPal accounts. Often times a buyer’s name does not match their PayPal name and address.

When a motherboard arrives here without any paperwork (or note), this is the worst case scenario for us. When the above conditions apply, where it’s impossible to identify who the repair came from, we will set that package aside until the customer contacts us and we can validate their ship from address to verify ownership. Once ownership is established, we will then continue with the FPC replacement.

If you realize that you forgot to include your paperwork with your logic board / motherboard, here is what you can do. Track your package and try to estimate it’s arrival. Don’t send us your tracking information, we are not going to do that for you. After you determine approx when it’s due to arrive, email us and tell us it’s due to arrive and give us your details and the FROM: address that’s on the box. That way we can match it up once it arrives and there wont be any delays.