FAQ / Terms / Information

iMicroTek is a mail in FPC connector replacement service. The customer can purchase any of our services, receive an RA# (Repair Authorization #) from us via email and then mail in his / her motherboard to us to complete the connector / cable replacement.

The following is a list of details that are important and should answer most of your questions.

  • The FPC replacement prices listed include all parts and return 1st Class Shipping.

  • There are no refunds once our service is rendered. Regardless of the outcome.

  • If your motherboard has been exposed to ANY liquid please understand that there is a 99% chance that you will still have problems after our connector replacement is done, we advise that you replace the motherboard in any case where liquid has been spilled or made contact with the motherboard.

  • We do not offer troubleshooting or diagnostics of any kind. We do not perform functional testing after FPC connector replacements. We do not chase functional issues if our connector replacement does not resolve whatever issue your board may have. This is strictly a connector replacement service. (as is priced accordingly)

  • Our services should ONLY be purchased after you have visually verified that your FPC connector is indeed damaged. Please do not assume you have a connector problem without the connector having physical damage.

  • We do verify and validate our work twice, once during the repair / replacement process and also after completion of the repair. Validation consists of verifying solder bond of each connector pin to its individual MB solder pad and to relevant MB circuit traces.

  • You can include a return label of your choice if you need faster return shipping.

  • If the service that you need isn’t listed… Contact Us, we may be able to offer you a solution!

  • Typical Turn around time  is 2 – 3 working days (not including weekends / holidays) (Not including shipping time)

  • We currently accept PayPal and all Major Credit Cards

  • If you would like to pay via Credit Card please contact us first.

  • You can use any shipping service to send your repair to us.

  • If for some reason we cannot go forward with the connector replacement, we will issue a refund MINUS the return shipping.

  • If you have more than 1 connector that needs to be replaced, please add each connector to your cart, then use Coupon Code: PLUS1 –  If you have issues, please contact us!

  • We currently ONLY do business within the USA via this website. If you are outside of the USA, please contact us for more details.

  • We do not accept any iphone and Ipad (not mini)  motherboards that are still installed in the case / base. Only the motherboard can be mailed in to us. We do offer an option to send in an Ipad MINI motherboard still in the base, this is due to the difficulty in removing these boards from the base.

  • We will replace any connector that you purchase a service for. This means, regardless if your connector does not appear to be damaged when it arrives here, it’s still going to be replaced, We are not going to inspect your board for any other damage. Its up to you to inspect your board and purchase any of our services that you may need.

  • Please don’t assume anything, feel free to ask any question that you may have.

Once your repair is complete, PayPal will notify you once we prepare your return shipping label. Also, you can track your repair progress at anytime with our (Order Tracking) system.

If we have any problems with your FPC / cable replacement, we will contact you.