Apple Ipad Mini Motherboard removal from base

Ipad mini Digitizer FPC Connector RepairThis photo shows the order of steps that you need to take to remove the motherboard from the base of an Apple Ipad Mini. Some of the most important aspects of this process are: Gentle pressure should be applied to remove a plug, cable or connector. Never apply heat to any area of the battery. NEVER use any area of the motherboard as leverage when prying up to dis-connect a plug or connector.

Ipad mini logic board removalRemove covers and unplug all connectors in the first area.  Unplug ribbon cables from locations: A, B & C. On some models location D may have an antenna plug that needs to also be disconnected.  Some  models also have and antenna type buckle between A & B.
Also, the motherboard at location between A & B on some models is VERY THIN. Be very careful when lifting the motherboard in this area later in this process.

Ipad mini 3 Logic Board FPC ConnectorDisconnect the cable / plug at location E. Some models are covered with a black sticker and the connector is a flip-up type to unlock. Others are as pictured and simply unplug after the cover screw and cover are removed.



Ipad mini 4 Digitizer Connector Replacement

Disconnect by gently lifting up on the two antenna cable plugs. Take care not to use any area of the motherboard as leverage to lift or pry up on these two plugs.

(side note) This area of the motherboard is the most difficult to lift up on after applying heat later in the process (heat zone D)


Ipad mini help 002 FINALThis is very important. The Charge / Dock cable (H) is soldered to the motherboard and does not detach (at location I ). When heating the board from the bottom (later) and prying up gently on this cable (it is adhered to the base with double-sided tape) care must be taken to not disturb the solder connections.
On some models, this cable is soldered to the bottom of the motherboard and other models it’s soldered to the top side of the motherboard.

Ipad mini help 007 FINALRemove the 2 screws at location J. Then remove the black square covers from location K-a and then remove the two screws from location K.
At this point the charge / dock connector is loose, but the cable it’s attached to is still adhered to the base.  You can peel off the black sticker thats over the cable. There is also an antenna cabel running along the bottom corner of the charge / dock cable.  That antenna cable can be gently pulled up and moved out of the way.

Ipad mini help 011 FINAL  Ipad mini help 012 FINAL






Ipad mini help 014 FINALIpad mini help 015 FINAL







The motherboard is attached to the base with two-sided adhesive at locations (heat zones) B, C and D. The Charge / Dock cable is also adhered to the base. It’s a good idea  to start the heating process with the charge / dock cable. After you “un-stick” the cable, you can start at location B at the other end of the base. Location D is usually the hardest to un-stick and will usually take a few minutes of re-heating and wiggling while gently lifting with a plastic probe or pick.

Keep the heat away from the battery at ALL times.

If this process is too much to handle or if you don’t have the correct tools to perform the removal of the motherboard please don’t attempt it. The motherboard can easily become damaged, including any of the cables / connectors and plugs.  Please choose the “motherboard still installed in base” option for our digitizer connector replacement service.