Logic Board Packaging & Shipping Tips

Released 6-26-2016 by Joe K @ iMicrotek

I’m often asked by customers about how they should pack and ship the motherboard / logic board to us for an FPC connector / cable replacement. Below is some helpful information on packing and shipping your mobile device’s motherboard / logic board.

Here are some important tips:

  1. Don’t use a padded envelope as the main type of outside packaging. You can use it for padding on the inside of the box but it does not offer any rigidity to protect the board from flexing or other damage when it’s the only thing used.


    Avoid using padded envelopes as the outside packaging.

  2. If you use a small box (which is what we suggest) don’t place the motherboard loose in the box with minimal packing material.
  3. All major shipping companies are good in our area. (feel free to use any of them: USPS, UPS or Fedex)
  4. Don’t require a signature, our location is rural and secure.
  5. It is vital that you include the paperwork with the information that we requested from you in your confirmation email. If you forget to include this information, please READ THIS
  6. If you need to use a padded envelope as the outside packaging, here is how we suggest you do it: It’s really only possible to use a padded envelope if you’re sending an iPhone motherboard (or

    Good box to use for motherboard shipment.

    other small sized boards). These boards are small in size and have some rigidity to them.  Place the motherboard in a small bubble-wrap / bag, then place two cardboard pieces on both side of the board (sandwiching it between the cardboard) and taping the top and bottom cardboard pieces together around the edges with the motherboard in the middle. This will give it more resistance to flexing and then place it in the padded envelope with your paperwork.