Lenovo BIOS Crisis Recovery


How to Recover a bad or brick bios in lenovo laptops:

1.Download Phoenix Wincrisis then Click on the WINCRIS.exe and choose CREATE MINIDOS CRISIS DISK and press START to make: USB Flopy or usb flash memory.
When creating the boot Floppy or usb memory, select from Folder Options to view the hiden and system files and delete or rename the file config.sys if present.
2. Download your Bios file from lenovo.com if u dont have it, Rename your BIOS file to bios.wph and copy it to your: USB Floppy/usb memory.
3.Plug USB Floppy/usb memory into laptop and shotdown.
4. Hold down Fn+R keys and while holding press the power button.
5. Now you should hear the flopy drive working or usb blinking, hold the keys for a while.
6. Leave the computer for few min. and if the computer does not restart it self turn the power down.
7. if everything went OK the computer shold start normally.
Download Phoenix Wincrisis
Note: This procedure is for Phoenix BIOS`es only and this metod works only for lenovo.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUTE RECOVERY LENOVO LAPTOPS: Do not take off your battery before flashing unlike the others brand that you should take off battery!! It seems that before flashing, it verify AC/DC connection and battery level. If one of them is not ok, then reflash is stopped.

If this BIOS Crisis Recovery method does not work, you will need to Contact Us for our BIOS repair services.